The Dump and a Field Trip–Final Day in Guate

This morning we had a new and interesting experience: we went to the dump.  The big dump in the middle of the city is a pseudo-city that supports 11,000 people and is the size of twenty seven football fields.  Our wonderful friend, Berta, now works for a ministry that serves the dump scavengers.  Her ministry, […]

Visit with Danni and Tour of “La Ciudad de los Niños” (by Rachael)

Today was a nice change of pace from the past few days.  We woke up late, had cake for breakfast (happy birthday, Adam!), and prayed together around the table.  Around 11, we dropped Shawn, Wendy, Jody, and Adam off at the airport.  Although their flight was delayed, they should be landing in Indy tonight. Daniel […]

We made it!

To our great surprise, we found out that arrangements had been made for us to visit Danni’s home (Casa Bernabe) yesterday afternoon.  After a quick lunch at Pollo Campero, the six of us, Berta (from Buckner), and approximately six hundred pounds of luggage rolled into CB in our big van. We saw Danni immediately.  I […]