We made it!

To our great surprise, we found out that arrangements had been made for us to visit Danni’s home (Casa Bernabe) yesterday afternoon.  After a quick lunch at Pollo Campero, the six of us, Berta (from Buckner), and approximately six hundred pounds of luggage rolled into CB in our big van.

We saw Danni immediately.  I waved.  He came over and said, “Hola, Raquel!”  I was surprised he remembered me, given that he didn’t know we were coming and we weren’t at the Buckner Baby Home.  He then went to Berta and asked where Juan Pablo was. He said that JP had promised to visit.

He, of course, remembered “Net” (Nate) as well, but thought I was his “novia” (girlfriend).  🙂

We met Danni’s house father and spent some time playing with the boys from Casa Samuel. 

While we were there, he asked Berta some extremely difficult questions like, “Why did you leave me here?”  I’m glad he’s dealing with the changes by asking questions rather than just repressing his feelings.  Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. 

He also asked why “Net y Raquel” and our friends came to visit him.  Berta said it was because we loved him and because he’s very special. 

After that, Nate reminded him how, on our last visit, Danni comforted Estuardo when we left by reminding him that we “always come back.”  Daniel obviously remembered the conversation.  He smiled and then left to go play with his friends.  As he walked away he said,  “I’m not going to cry today, because I’m very happy.” 

P1070443 P1070439P1070442

We are excited that we’ll get to see him again on Monday!

In the meantime, we have plenty of things to do and lots of wonderful kids to see!  We’ll post later about how our time goes today.  We’re getting ready to meet Shawn and Wendy’s Compassion child and then head to Eliza Martinez this afternoon!

2 thoughts on “We made it!”

  1. Thanks for the blog. We are so glad to see Dani. This means so much to Juan Pablo. He wanted me to make each picture big and he would say “Que Lindo” for each one.

  2. Guys,

    Praise the Lord that you made it to Guate! Thanks so much for continuing to invest in Daniel and the other children. I remember the extreme sadness we witnessed in Danny’s heart last December, but I am comforted to hear that he is happy to see that more of his special friends have returned. Blessings to you on this trip and we’ll continue to follow the blog and be in prayer.

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