(A Sad) Update on Daniel

A friend in Guatemala visited Daniel a few weeks ago, and her report was not good.

Daniel is living with his biological mom in very poor conditions. It sounds like he has no where to bathe. His family can’t afford to send him with a snack to school. He has no help with his homework. He’s picking up some disturbing habits: lying, stealing, hitting.

All of this depresses and worries us.

It’s ironic that he (of all kids!) is living in poverty. Because he, theoretically, has access to all of our personal resources. And we would happily use our resources to help meet his needs and the needs of his family! But it doesn’t seem like money is the real root of the problems here.

In Nate’s words: Please pray with us as we search God’s heart for meaning and answers in what seems to be a step in the wrong direction for Daniel.


UPDATE! 7/11

Just HOURS after we posted this, we got an email with this news from our friend:

“I got a phone call from Daniel’s teacher. Daniel came to school [this week] CLEAN, with a SNACK, and a SMILE!!!!! His aunt went and took him back from the mom and Daniel says that God answered his prayer. The teacher seemed very pleased and said that the cousins had stopped by and two had made commitments to help get homework done and would be more involved. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!”


So, it definitely doesn’t mean his problems are solved. But the timing of our emails asking for prayer and this good news is far beyond coincidence.


We believe God is working through your prayers. Thank you!


Rachael and Nate


4 thoughts on “(A Sad) Update on Daniel”

  1. Tad and I sponsor a boy named Daniel in Guatemala also. Not the same one, but nonetheless it made me sick to even think it could be his situation either. I will be praying for both of them … Ours has 4 siblings and the father is only employed part of the time. I pray his siblings are sponsored too, but I don’t want to ask a 9 year old that kind of question?

    1. That’s awesome that you are able to sponsor him! It seems like a lot of programs help the entire family when one child is sponsored! Could you ask the organization about the other siblings?

  2. This update broke my heart! I was just thinking about Daniel a couple days ago. My prayer is still that someday y’all can adopt him, but even if he stays in Guate I pray that he’s loved and cared for the way he needs to be. I’m so glad that things are improving.

    1. I’m so glad you saw this, Emily! I almost tagged you in the link on Facebook just so I could be sure you’d see it. Did you see the bit of good news we got a few days later? It still feels like things are really messed up, but I’m confident that God is working through our prayers and the prayers of our friends.

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