Baby Name Game

We have a secret!

We are the only ones who know our baby’s name!

This is nothing new. We kept A’s name a surprise.

However, UNLIKE last time, we thought we’d tease friends and family with a few name-related clues and riddles that we really don’t expect anyone to figure out. Sounds fun, right?!

Wanna play? Okay, here are the clues we’ve shared so far!

  • Clue #1: You can eliminate all of the beautiful, girly color names. I love Scarlet, Violet, Ruby, and Olive, but they just don’t go with our last name (which is also a color!).
  • Clue #2: It was a hard-fought fight, but I ultimately lost the battle to give our baby a middle name from The Hunger Games. Let the record show that I think we’ll still like/love the books in ten, fifteen, thirty years. However, I was won over when I started thinking about how those character names are already becoming popular and mainstream due to the success of the first movie. In a few years, the hype will die down, and our child’s name will be dated.
  • Clue #3: This one is less of a clue and more of an explanation. When people ask about how we chose our first daughter’s unusual name, I usually give them some spiel about how we have a really common last name, so we wanted to give our daughter a less-than-common first name. The same holds true with daughter #2. Our goal was to find a name that was different but not socially ostracizing.
  • Clue #4: The first name we’ve chosen for our little girl has Latin, Italian, and possibly even Guatemalan roots! Although we can’t find an official translation, we’ve read that the name is found in the Guatemalan language of K’ICHE’. Do any of our Guatemalan friends know K’iche’?!
  • Clue #5: When I was little, I desperately wanted a little sister. Since that situation was out of my control, I figured I’d make the most of what I had. I dressed my little brother up as a girl, and proudly introduced him to all the neighbors as my sister, “Wadina.” Although I dearly love my little brother, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to honor him by calling our daughter “Wadina.” Neither this fictitious nor any other real family names made the cut.
  • Clue #6: The first letter of the first name is found in the last half of the alphabet. The first letter of the middle name is found in the first half of the alphabet.
  • Clue  #7: Together, the first and middle names are four syllables.
  • Clue #8: We’ve never met anyone with our baby’s first name, but it was somewhat popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. So it could be the name of your grandma (or great-grandma or great-great-grandma…).
  • Clue #9: Our baby shares her first and middle name with a character in a little-known, modern fairy tale. The fairy tale is so obscure that we haven’t even tracked down a copy to read for ourselves. We came across the story when we were doing a mandatory Google search to make sure the names we’ve chosen aren’t associated with something scandalous or a person of ill-repute. (For the record, they aren’t).
  • CLUE #10: Time to brush up on your random Biblical geography! Like her older sister, this baby has one similarly Biblical name.

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