“Chasing Your Heart”-Testimony

A few months ago, Scot Longyear (our pastor) asked us if we’d be willing to work with him and Scott Telle (associate/media pastor) to make a video testimony about how God has focused our hearts on Guatemala, and how we’ve adjusted our lifestyle in order to chase after the dreams God has given us.

Scot and Vince (our senior pastor) then used the video in their messages on November 29. You can check it out here: Nate and Rachael-Foreign Exchange.

In making the video, it was cool to think about all the crazy things God has done in our lives in the past two years. For example, we started making trips to Guatemala when Nate was self-employed, I was unemployed, and the whole country was in “financial turmoil.” Logically, we shouldn’t have been/be able to afford our trips. But God continues to give us the resources we need to keep going.

My favorite part of the whole experience was that the night of the sermon we weren’t just casual observers. God used the sermon we helped illustrate to challenge us to examine our dreams and ask ourselves what adjustments we need to make in order to fully chase after the things God has placed on our hearts.

These questions challenged us. How would you answer?

· What are you chasing after with all of your heart?

· What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

· Why do you want to chase your dream? What’s your motivation?

· Is your heart right? Are you more afraid of God or failing?

· When you take a hard look at your dreams, are you more amazed at you or your creator?

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