Welcoming the Wiggins (by Rachael)

Wind, cold, snow, and icy roads couldn’t keep us away. Last night, friends and family crowded around the exit gate at the Indy airport and anxiously awaited the arrival of the Wiggins family.


With balloons, Spiderman t-shirts, and posters, our crowd attracted a bit of attention. But no one attracted more comments or stares than JP’s favorite superheroes. Spider Scot and Super Nate were the first to greet all the passengers when they stepped into the lobby.





Although he was exhausted and overwhelmed, JP walked through the gate and immediately hugged each of the 30 “strangers” who were waiting for him.


After an almost three-year battle, John, Emily, and JP’s adoption journey has finally come to an end. We thank God not only for his faithfulness in bringing JP home, but also for what God has done because of John and Emily and their involvement in Guatemala.

Here’s just a taste of what God has done since the Wiggins started visiting Guatemala:

  • Because the Wiggins went to Guatemala, pastors and leaders from our church (including Jody Elslager, Shawn Wallace, the Longyears, and Jack Fox)  have visited Guatemala and left pieces of their hearts there.
  • Because Jody goes to Guatemala, teams from our church “CRASH” Guatemala multiple times a year.
  • Because of these Crashes, eXchangers who’ve been to Guat have had their lives changed forever.
  • Because our church is involved in Guatemala, MCC is raising money during Advent for Buckner and the new foster program for the kids at the Baby Home.
  • Because the Wiggins went to Guatemala, Nate and I have found new passion and purpose through our trips to Guate.
  • Because the Wiggins went to Guatemala, 60 families from eXchange send letters, gifts, and love to their “amigos” in Eliza Martinez through Foreign Exchange.
  • Because the Wiggins got our church involved in Guatemala, boys like Isaias, Tomas, Ambrosio, Tito, Alfredo, Jose, and Jorge are learning that there are people in the world who are absolutely crazy about them.
  • Because the Wiggins went to Guatemala, the “big kids” at the Baby Home have explored the Guatemala City Children’s Museum, partied with an overgrown mouse at Chuck E. Cheese, screamed with delight as Spiderman jumped over the wall, sent bowling balls crashing down the lanes at Mira Flores Mall, terrorized Pollo Campero on multiple occasions, marveled over the animals at the zoo, and known what it’s like to be loved by some crazy Americans who think they’re the most incredible kids in the world.
  • Because the Wiggins went to Guatemala, Juan Pablo is  now home with his mommy and daddy.



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  1. Thank you for posting the photos from the airport and also for your touching comments about how Emily and John’s adoption of Juan Pablo has impacted everyone in your church. I know Emily via an adoption internet group, as we are working to bring our daughter Rosali home from Guatemala as well. During our adoption struggles, sometimes we forget what an impact we have made on others. Thank you for reminding me of that!!

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