Leavin’ on a Jet Plane (Nate)


     We made it to Guatemala quite uneventfully and safely. No one was late, no problems with luggage, only minor repacking for a bag that was 1 pound overweight. We got exit row seats on both flights, with each of us having our own row to lie down on the evening flight from Houston to Guatemala. We even got our hour of exercise walking in airports while waiting for flights.
     Today we were reminded of how great the people in our lives really are. We started the morning by dropping our dog off at Rachael’s parent’s house. They are keeping her at their house, but our neighbor friend, Brooklyn, has graciously agreed to exercise the little dog. We know that, collectively, they will take such good care of her she probably won’t want to come back home with us. Later, we had lunch with Rachael’s friend from college, Betsy, and had some really stellar conversation.  After lunch, Betsy drove us to the airport. She’s parking our car at a random nearby church that nicely agreed to let us park our car for free for the week in the parking lot. The airport and traveling in general remind us of friends who have given us money for us to go on this trip and other friends who have given us clothes and manicure sets and balls and games to give to these kids that we’ll get to see this week. On top of all that, we know that tons of people will be praying for us, and we’re excited to see what comes out of all the preparations.

     The main theme of today isn’t exhaustion or frustration related to air transportation and travel, but instead excitement and thankfulness that everything is coming together and that we’re finally here, ready to interact with these kids, see their joy and experience the effects of all the planning of the last 6 months!

Just imagine the two of us lugging all this to the airport.  Thanks, Betsy, for dropping us off at the door!

Just imagine the two of us trying to lug all of this to the airport!

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