Last Minute Easter Eggs

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Our oldest daughter is 2 1/2, which means she might actually enjoy decorating Easter eggs this year! (Especially when I consider her surprisingly sweet reaction to our Valentine’s activity!) Unfortunately for her, I may have waited until the last-minute to think about how we’d go about decorating said eggs…

Oh, well, she’s TWO. She’s doesn’t mind (yet) that her mom is a procrastinator. These super simple last-minute ideas were perfect for her!

Glitter Eggs

Thanks to Martha Stewart for inspiring us to get messy with glitter! Check out her professional tips here. We were trying (unsuccessfully) to replicate her “polka-dot” technique.

We had some glue dots and “dot runner” glue left over from our mailbox project, so we simply applied the glue to our (plastic) eggs and rolled them in glitter.

last minute easter eggs

The tray (kind of) helped to contain the mess. We used contact paper to clean up some of the stray pieces. I intend to use the glittered contact paper in another project later this week. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

last minute easter eggs

We then added our eggs to our paper bag “baskets”–also inspired by Martha.


Done! Easy, simple, and just the right amount of mess.

Dyeing Eggs without the Kit

Sure, coloring kits from the store may seem easy, but save your money and just use the food coloring bottles you probably already have!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Glasses of warm water
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring

Fill your glasses with warm water and add your food coloring/dye.

Add a splash of vinegar to all but the red and purple glasses.

If you (like me) have only the basic red, yellow, green, blue colors, this is a great chance to experiment with color mixing! My toddler surprised me by remembering that purple was made by combining red and blue.

Add your (warm) eggs.

Wait at least five minutes. The longer you wait, the brighter and darker your eggs will be.

last-minute easter eggs

This is a good time to “hypothesize” with your tot. I asked my daughter if she knew what was happening to the eggs. She said, “they’re dyeing!” Which is funny because of course I heard, “they’re dying!” I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to introduce her to homophones! 🙂

Leftover Easter ham, green eggs, and a little Dr. Seuss on Monday? I think so! Egg shells to help our garden grow? Why not! The fun of this project continues after Easter Sunday!

Warning: this project may stain!

last minute easter eggs


And just in case you thought I forgot about the baby… Yes, she was there, too! Eyeing the glitter and slobbering on the plastic eggs.

Hey there, Baby Girl!

Maybe next year I’ll plan ahead and add some complexity and preparation (like this!), but if not, I think we’ll happily try these methods again!


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