Vigo County School Corporation to Pilot Full-Time, In-Person Schedule at 8 Elementary Schools

The Vigo County School Corporation released this announcement:

Earlier this afternoon, eight of our elementary school principals met with their staff to share some positive news. We are starting the process of bringing our elementary school students back into our buildings five days per week. Our school corporation has been a leader during this pandemic, and we continue to feel a conservative, measured approach to in-person education is appropriate.

We will begin with eight elementary schools going five days per week, starting on Monday, September 28. Those schools are Deming, Franklin, Hoosier Prairie, Lost Creek, Riley, Sugar Grove, Terre Town, and West Vigo Elementary. We chose these schools because they represent a good mix of small, medium, and large schools as well as rural and urban schools. What we learn will guide our next group of elementary schools as we consider their return to five days per week in the future.

Other elementary schools and our middle and high schools will continue on the A/B model. Monday, September 28 will be an “A” day. Hybrid and virtual options at all levels will continue at this time.

In cooperation with the Vigo County Teachers Association, our own COVID-19 Task Force, and the Vigo County Health Department, we believe that we can be comfortable welcoming our youngest students–students less likely to transmit the virus to each other or to adults–back into our classrooms 5 days per week. We also feel that it would be hasty to make a change at all 18 of our elementary schools at once. A metered, cautious approach will allow principals and teachers to share best practices, and allow us to react to any personnel needs that our elementary schools encounter. We will continue to monitor this change with the assistance of our task force. 

This change does not mean that the virus is over. As a community, we must continue to be vigilant by masking, distancing, and staying safe. Let’s continue to work as Team Vigo to offer more opportunities for our children.

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