Before you enroll your child in preschool, check out this list of the best preschools in Terre Haute.

Are you looking for a play-based preschool? A preschool with more structure? A Mom’s Day Out program? A part-time pre-k? Full-time preschool? You may be asking yourself a million questions as you begin your search, but the good news is that the preschool choices in Terre Haute are plentiful.

This summer and next school year, Haute Happenings will be working with United Way of the Wabash Valley and Chances And Services for Youth to promote high-quality preschool programs including Vigo County On My Way Pre-k. There are grant spots available to make preschool FREE to 150 local families!

On My Way Pre-K is state funding for children who will be 4 (and not 5) by August 1 2018. Families must be working or attending school/educational program and meet the financial income requirements (127% of the Federal Poverty Level). Families will receive a 53-week voucher that covers the Pre-K fees. To find out more and see if you qualify for free pre-k, check out this link:
Wondering if your provider qualifies? Check out this map! 

The United Way of the Wabash Valley’s Success by 6 coalition is investing early childhood education because high-quality early childhood education benefits children, families, the workforce, and our entire community!working together to invest in early childhood education that is good for the entire community. These groups have advocated for this programing to come to our area because they know that high-quality childcare and early education benefit our children, our workforce, and our economic development. If you would like to see these efforts continue, please put their services to good use and help spread the word!

Best Preschools in Terre Haute

If you’re looking for the best preschools in Terre Haute, check out this list we put together and our reader reviews. To help compile this list, we asked readers on the Haute Happenings facebook page to weigh in with their recommendations (you can see the actual thread HERE).

What readers are saying about The Learning Tree:  “Hands down The Learning Tree! 6:30-5:30. Field trips, Spanish, gymnastics. They are great! Ages 2-6!” and “LOVE LOVE LOVE The Learning Tree Montessori School. My son has been there for three years, and is currently in kindergarten. They are like family. Small classes, loving teachers and aides, monthly field trips (Dobbs Park this month), and individualized attention – not the same old worksheets and crafts I’ve encountered elsewhere. I wish they went through the 12th grade!”

  • Mt. Pleasant Preschool. 3050 E. Davis Drive. After a year of renovations, Mt. Pleasant preschool is back. There are part-time options available for twos and threes and a full-day class for four-year-olds.

What readers are saying about Mt. Pleasant: “It is WONDERFUL!  Children have to be 2, 3, or 4 by August 1st.”  

What readers are saying about St. Pat’s: I highly recommend St. Patrick’s Preschool. You do not have to be catholic or part of the church to go. My first son went there before he started Kindergarten and it more then prepared him for the school environment. My second son starts in the fall. They have art, gym, and music during the week!”

  • Little Hands Childcare and Preschool, Inc 500. Barton Ave 812-238-3855

What readers are saying about Little Hands: “The staff is full of very educated and amazing people!”

What readers are saying about Memorial: “I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. My son is 9 and still wants to go back to visit. Terrific teachers, lots of field trips and they teach the kids a lot. They taught things my son is being taught this year in third grade. One of the best choices I made for my son. Worth every penny!”

What readers are saying about First Friends: “Highly recommend First Friends! Miss Gina is an amazing director and the teachers and staff are fabulous!” and “Highly Recommend as well. My daughter went there for 2 years. She is currently in Kindergarten and is reading at first grade level and ahead in other areas as well!! Awesome preschool with staff who genuinely care for your kids!”

  • Vigo County Head Start. Vigo County Head Start is a national preschool program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families.

What readers are saying about Head Start: “Head start is always a good option! It’s based on income. They have a “day care” class option for working parents (price varies by county), as well as 1/2 day classes (4 days a week, about 3 1/2 hours).”

  • United Childcare. United Childcare Center uses the natural curiosity of children to teach math, reading, and critical thinking skills.
  • Heaven’s Express at Cross Tabernacle. Excellence in education and social interaction with Biblical foundations. Teaching children to make Godly decisions while preparing them for life is what we are all about at Heaven’s Express.
  • Little Steps is a ministry of the Next Step Foundation that provides childcare, educational learning, tutoring and tools for personal growth and healing in a faith-based environment. Ask about the sliding scale options that reduce fees.
  • Small World Learning Center. Our full-day Preschool program accepts children 2 through 5 years of age. There is also a part-time program that provides selected early education programs to apply for matching funds to serve 4-year-old children from families whose income is at or below federal poverty guidelines.

What readers are saying about Small World Learning Center: “The owner has 35+ yrs of experience. The accept children ages two and up. They do some field trips. Hours of operation are 630am-530pm Mon-Fri. They have a wonderful preschool program my son has learned a lot. They also have a summer camp.”

  • Indiana State University Early Education Center. In keeping with the University’s College of Education mission, this program provides professional care to children from infancy through age five in diverse, educational experiences. They are ACCREDITED by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and licensed by the Department of Family and Children Services of the State of Indiana.   The program is affiliated with the ISU Bayh College of Education’s Department of Teaching and Learning providing quality care for children ranging from 6 weeks – 5 years of age.
  • Pre-K programs within the Vigo County School Corporation. Pre-K programs are offered at the following Title I elementary schools:  Meadows, West Vigo, Davis Park, Deming, Franklin, Ouabache, Fuque, Farrington Grove, Devaney, and Terre Town. The Vigo County School Corporation pre-K programs accept only 4 year-olds (must be 4 years of age on or before August 1–birth certificate required for enrollment). They can enroll mid-year.

These half-day programs (8-10:50 or 12-2:30) are offered without charge to families living within the associated district on a space-available basis. The Pre-K programs follow the regular school calendar and schedule. Registration is managed at the school. Contact the school for details.

For families residing in one of the other Title I elementary districts (such as Sugar Grove) admission to a pre-K program may be requested on a space-available basis. Please contact the Principal of the school offering the program to make that request.

What parents are saying about Vigo County Preschools:We’ve been very happy with the program at Ouabache this year! They are all at Title I elementary schools. If you live in a Title I district but your school doesn’t have pre-K, you can send your kids to any other participating school as long as there are open spaces.”

You will find information on schools at

  • Covered Bridge Preschool. The Covered Bridge Special Education Pre-K program accepts 3-5 year-old children and requires qualification. If you believe your child qualifies, you should contact the Covered Bridge Special Education Office at  (812)-462-4364  for more information.

What readers are saying about homeschool preschool: “I couldn’t afford to put my kids in preschool. We did Chalk Preschool online at home for free and ABC Mouse.”

Is your favorite Terre Haute preschool on this list? If not, let us know! Your review could help another local parent find the perfect school for his or her family!16 of the best preschools in Terre Haute




{Preschool directors: If you would like your program highlighted for our audience of parents in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley, please email us at Haute Happenings (@) outlook (.) com for advertising opportunities.)  

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