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A few personal stories from Rachael and Haute Happenings:

We once fostered a brother and sister for just three weeks. The three-year-old sister would comfort her 1-year-old brother by holding his hand in the car or passing him his blankie on the couch.

We once fostered one sister in a sibling group of two. It was never meant to be long-term, because our family’s hope was for the sisters to be raised together (and we didn’t/don’t have room for six kids!). It was a nuanced case, but after 20 months with us, the sisters finally moved into a kinship home together

We once fostered two sisters, and they have stayed together in our family. They’ll grow up sharing biology, a home, and a last name.

Foster Sibling Groups

A foster care agency like our sponsor, The Villages – Foster Care, Adoption, & Family Services, can help you if you choose to take on the important work of fostering siblings. They want it to go well for you and the children in your care.

Foster Teens

Can you imagine fostering a teenager?! Believe it or not, many families that foster through The Villages actually prefer this age range!

Teens want stability. They want to be able to continue to go to their same school and remain with their friends. Eliminating the disruption and trauma of attending a new school is so very important for this age group.

Could your family and home provide a teenager with the consistency they crave?

To contact The Villages Terre Haute office, please call 812-238-8700 or email

Fostering Diversity

The Villages of Indiana is proud to license a wide variety of foster parents; they believe diversity helps to provide the best possible family environment for children.

They support all foster parents regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender.

This post is sponsored, but our family has benefited greatly from The Villages – Foster Care, Adoption, & Family Services for our post-adoption support! We love this organization and are happy to answer questions. If you have an interest in helping families and children heal as they travel through hard places and hard times, please reach out.