15 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring! Easter egg hunts, Easter bunny pictures, & Spring Break camps.

TO AVOID CONFUSION, the 2015 information has been removed. Stay tuned! Our 2016 Easter Guide is coming soon! 

You know what I’ve learned? Haute Happenings readers love our seasonal event guides! I’ve had several people email me to ask if I’ve collected and shared info for spring 2015. To be honest, I hadn’t planned on a doing a Spring Activity Guide; I want to focus my attention on our Summer Camp Guide (camp directors: don’t forget to submit your info via this link!). However, since you asked nicely, I’ve decided to write a little post to help you plan for the next few weeks and months! Read on to find out more about upcoming Easter egg hunts, Spring Break camps, and where to go to meet the Easter Bunny in Terre Haute!

Things to do with kids this Spring in Terre Haute! Spring break camps, Easter egg hunts, and pictures with the Easter bunny.