It’s always something (by Rachael)

We know we have to be flexible when we go to Guatemala. The thing is, usually we don’t really have to be flexible until we get to Guat. Flights usually go as planned. Drive times in the U.S. are pretty predictable. Luggage usually ends up in the right place. Not today. Today we missed our […]

Guatemalan arrival! (Nate)

We may have made a speed record for commercial travel today, even with our 250lbs of baggage! We left our house at 6:15 this morning and were greeted by the energetic babies and their scissors by 2:00PM this afternoon. Scissors? We thought they might be making some sort of craft, but no they were just […]

Provision (by Nate)

We recently received notice that there are roughly 90 boys in the two orphanages we visit. That’s roughly 25-30 more than we expected, which is okay with us. We usually plan on getting extra stuff and writing extra letters, but this time we had a wonderful surprise. One of our high school Spanish teachers was […]