It’s always something (by Rachael)

We know we have to be flexible when we go to Guatemala. The thing is, usually we don’t really have to be flexible until we get to Guat. Flights usually go as planned. Drive times in the U.S. are pretty predictable. Luggage usually ends up in the right place.

Not today.

Today we missed our flight.

Right about now we should be landing in Guatemala City. Instead, we’re in the air, heading to Texas, hoping to catch a flight from Dallas to Guat City. Although free in-flight wifi is pretty sweet, I would much rather be playing with the kiddos right about now instead of sitting on a plane praying that we get to Guat City sometime this evening.

We’ve spent several hours waiting on the tarmac today. In Indy, we were delayed because of weather in Atlanta. In Atlanta, we were delayed by the delays. We counted 39 planes in line behind us on the runway after we had waited in that line for an hour! Which means, the plane that we missed by a mere three minutes probably didn’t leave until an hour or so after our delayed flight from Indy landed.

Pray for us please. We paid a bit extra for our tickets, because they would give us an extra half day at the Baby Home. I’m angry and tired and upset…but at least the company’s good. 😉 If I have to be stuck waiting, it’s nice to be doing it with friends like Jody and Nate.

Shawn and Scot are on a different flight and might actually beat us in to Guat even though their flight was supposed to leave almost 9 hours after ours!

On the bright side, if all goes well, we’ll get in to Guat tonight and see the kids bright and early tomorrow morning!

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