Sensory Bags

  Sensory Bags It’s hard to find activities that appeal to both our six-month-old and our two-year-old, but sensory bags work for both girls! Have you heard of them? They’re a clean way to let your kiddos squish, squeeze, and explore. There are lots of examples of sensory bags floating around Pinterest, but I first came […]

Playing through Winter

For me, January, February, and March are the toughest months of the year. The holidays are over. Sunshine is scarce; the days are short. It’s cold.  Stinkin’ cold. So stinkin’ cold that a two-year-old might walk outside and promptly say, “It really cold. My teef (teeth) hurt.” On top of all that, it’s flu season. We […]

Bubble Wrap: Trash or Toy?

Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap!? At first, I thought the answer to that (supposedly rhetorical) question was going to be “my daughter.” The other day, I busted out the bubble wrap with the hope of exposing my toddler to the satisfying joy of squeezing and popping everyone’s favorite plastic packaging. But it was hard work. […]

An Introduction to Gel Balls and Water Beads

Our big girl is 25 months old. Like most kids, eighteen to twenty-four months was a period of rapid growth. Her vocabulary exploded. She started forming  (slightly more) complex sentences with helping verbs, pronouns, and conjunctions. These days, she’s giving us a lot of lengthy monologues: “Mommy, my waffle down in my belly already. Sofi (the […]