Alphabet Snacks–How Our Toddler Learned Her ABCs

Alphabet Snacks

I really shouldn’t care if you disapprove of what snack foods I feed my kid. But I’m kind of terrified to publicly admit that I feed my toddler (25 months) things that are as nutritionally worthless as animal crackers. White flour! Sugar! Empty calories! No vitamins! I feel the need to jump to my own defense. (I promise my child could eat her weight in fresh fruit and veg! She begs for things like quinoa, avocado, oatmeal, and hummus. Her favorite snack at the moment would be a clementine!)

But, let’s face it, sometimes convenience matters.

On our walks, I really don’t want  to worry about banana ending up in her hair or orange juice dribbling down her face. So yes, I sometimes (often?) hand her easy, mess-free carbs. Although the snack I’m about to recommend has no nutritional value (you’ve been warned!), it’s been a great teaching tool!

alphabet snacks

I stumbled across these fun little alphabet treats when I was comparing prices of “animal” crackers. Wouldn’t you know it, because they’re store brand (Kroger), these were even cheaper than the real animal crackers.

A has been big on letter recognition and sounds lately. These little crackers urge her to practice. She’ll hold up a letter and excitedly call out a letter and a word that starts with that letter: “U, umbrella!” Never mind that the “U” she sees might actually be a “J”! Her mistakes give us the chance to encourage and teach. (“That does look a lot like U! But that’s actually a J for jump!”)

Alphabet SnacksNutritional win? Not a chance! Fun toy, teaching tool, and reward all rolled into one? You bet!

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4 thoughts on “Alphabet Snacks–How Our Toddler Learned Her ABCs”

  1. We just “discovered” animal crackers ourselves today when I realized they had the same nutritional value as regular graham crackers 🙂 Claire was so excited I gave her some in the car after we left Walmart and she was immediately “meowing” and making the “horsies” walk up and down her leg-it was so cute it completely made up for the lack of nutritional value 🙂

    Anyways, this totally isn’t comparable price-wise but we also recently discovered “Bitsy’s Brainfood Chocolate Orange Beet” snacks that are letter shapes too but have crazy nutritional value and actually taste good (as long as you like the chocolate orange flavor). I don’t think I would ever pay full price for them but they might be fun to get once in a while-you can find them on Amazon or Abe’s Market.

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