I Feel Sick (Rachael)

If you happened to read any of our blog posts from when we were in Guatemala, you already know that our week there was amazing.  It was so amazing, in fact, that we’re already making plans to go back in June.


However, what we didn’t mention in our posts was that the weeks had a few ups and downs.  Some highs and lows. And some stops and gos…on the road, that is.


And I felt sick.


Thankfully, I didn’t throw up (although, if I needed to, I had a plan.  I had an unobstructed path to the door and window and I intended to run to them, full speed ahead, if the opportunity presented itself).   But there were times when I thought I might lose it.  Other times, I’d sit in my front seat, staring out the window, hoping and praying the ride would soon be over or that I’d pass out from exhaustion and sleep through the rest of the ride. 


Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble on the road or in the air.  I have a tough time flying with Nate, but he swears it’s a mental thing, so he does his best to—quite literally—talk me out of it.  And, I’ve had problems on our other trips in Guatemala.  I can deal with it.  But I’d rather not.  


So, I need your help.  A few people have suggested Ginger candy.  Do you think that would help?  What do you do when you’re motion sick?  What should I try?


3 thoughts on “I Feel Sick (Rachael)”

  1. Bonine – I was going to say I love it, but I don’t really love taking medication. I like that I only need to take it once a day and it makes traveling much more enjoyable. I have taken Ginger when the Bonine doesn’t seem to be enough – on really rough seas.

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on your trip. I’m glad you had a great time. I’m totally with you on getting air (and sea and car) sick. I think little planes are the worst. I always try to eat something before I go – like a bagel. You could try dramamine, but don’t take too much or it will make you super-sleepy.
    Praying that everything goes well for your plans in June!!

  3. I know that this post comes a little late— I just discovered your blog via Rachael’s facebook. I too tend to have a “fun” time on planes and in smaller cars. I take dramamine and have recently switched to the “less drowsy” formula. It seems to do the trick. Hopefully your latest flight did not give you too much trouble!

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