Guess what we found out today? The baby is a…

What? You thought we’d just come right out and tell you?  That is so not like us! We like to drag these things out as long as possible. =)

So, here’s the scoop:

I’m somewhere around 19 weeks–almost halfway!  My original due date was September 3rd.  Today it looked like “it” was more in in line to come on August 30th.  So, it’s pretty safe to say that Baby #1 should arrive sometime in late August or early September.

The ultrasound itself took about an hour.  Nate said his stomach felt all twisted up and he couldn’t stop smiling.

Yeah, he’s going to be a great dad.

The technician has been doing ultrasounds for 12 years.  That makes her a pro, in my mind.  The picture above is of Baby holding its own hands up by its head.  Cute!  After taking all the necessary pics for the doctor, the technician very confidently told us we are having a girl.  Yep, “she” has no boy parts and a very clear labia.  We’ll post pictures along with the promise that this will be the first and only time we’ll show off her genitals.

She was swimming all over the place and showing off her long arms and big feet (no surprise, considering I wear a size 12!).  She looks healthy, whole, and strong.  Praise God!

The last picture is of her foot.  The toes are off to the right.  Kind of fuzzy, but we didn’t mind too much since we also have a video to watch! After the ultrasound, we had our appointment with the midwife.  She said that I am doing a great job so far;  as long as things keep going as well as they are, I’m free to travel to Guatemala up to 32 weeks.  That means we will get to go back in June, which is another huge answer to prayer!  We will miss the kids and the country so much during our hiatus this fall!

Speaking of Guatemala (this blog is supposed to be about Guatemala after all!), we leave on Saturday!  As always, we’ll be posting on here, so please check in with us often over the next week.  It means so much to us to know friends like you are following along!  Thank you for praying for us, our baby, and the work God is doing through us in Guatemala!

4 thoughts on “Guess what we found out today? The baby is a…”

  1. Congrats you too! Rachael, I gotta say that I’m happy to know another big footed lady! Totally random-I wear an 11. Amber does too-so you’re in good company in the hard to find cute shoes for category! You both will be such great parents!

  2. Congratulations! Little girls are so much fun! Most people I know who had girls craved lots of fruit–so save your coupons and stock up! I could not get enough OJ.

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