Almost Didn´t Make It–Guatemala Day 1

Since today was a travel day, I really didn’t expect to have much to write.  However, there’s at least one good story that came out of today.


We almost missed our flight in Chicago. No, no, that’s not the good story.  It comes later, but to tell the story, you need to know that it took us so long to get through the check-in counter and security, that they had already announced the final call for our flight and closed the gate.  Poor John and Emily!  They made it to Chicago before we did, but instead of leaving us behind, they nervously waited out side the gate for us.  Fortunately, they let us on the plane.  Unfortunately, the plane was full, and they didn’t have room for our carry-on luggage.  Even more unfortunate was the fact that John and Emily had important documents that they need for their meeting with the adoption lawyer tomorrow, and they really needed to keep their baggage with them at all times. 


So, when we landed, we decided it couldn’t hurt to ask one of the crew members if they could grab our bags.  I mean, we were the last ones on, which of course means our bags would be the first ones off.  It wouldn’t be much trouble to snag them before they were lugged off to our next flight, right? Well, since Nate’s the designated aviation expert of the group, we kindly volunteered him to do the persuasive talking.  Naturally, I expected him to ask one of the flight attendants or maybe one of the guys who wheels the wheelchairs down the gangway.  But oh no, this is Nate we’re talking about.  He went straight to the pilot.  And wouldn’t you know it the pilot (Captain Dale) agreed to help!  As it turns out, he sponsors several children in Guatemala, visits Guatemala often, and has friends who have gone through the adoption process.  So, after speaking with Nate and John, Dale proceeded to walk us to the other side of the terminal to put in a good word for us with customer service.  From there, Dale walked John down to the baggage claim area, and there promised that if the baggage didn’t come out, he’d walk out to the airplane and get himself!  Who could have foreseen this turn of events?!  Thankfully, John and Dale didn´t have to wait long.  The Wiggins luggage came out in no time at all. 


Several hours later, we were welcomed into Guatemala by five people from the Buckner staff  (the organization we are working with) and two couples from Dallas who´s flight arrived just before ours.  Our impromptu welcome party got even better when everyone decided to pray over John and Emily.  They have an important meeting with the adoption lawyers tomorrow, and we´re all hoping for good news!


Thanks for checking in on us.  While you´re thinking of us, please pray for John and Emily´s meeting tomorrow and the time we´ll be spending with the babies.



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  1. The impromtu welcome brought tears to my eyes for John and Emily and I am thankful for how God has ‘taken’ care of you all and we’ll continue praying for you. Pictures of the kids in clothes or using some of the sports equipt. would be great for us to share.

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