I am technically self-employed which means I am my own boss and I tell me what I should work on. Everyday. Even when I don’t want to get out of bed.

Usually it goes something like this: “It’s Monday so I should do my weekly check on our finances on the computer for 25 min. It shouldn’t take much longer than that.” An hour and a half later, I wonder where the time has gone when I’m about halfway done with my task.

Anyone else feel this way? Maybe you’re doing it right now and avoiding something that’s more important than reading this post (I doubt it though. What could be more important than this? This could change your e-life.)

My boss doesn’t fire me, he just pays me less when I’m less productive. At least that’s the way I look at it. My boss’s wife (Rachael) on the other hand…

A couple of weeks ago I went looking for a program that would monitor how I use my time on the computer. And found myself surfing the web fruitlessly. This is when it’s good to have a boss looking over my shoulder and flicking me in the back of the head saying, “Your wasting your time.” I could have wasted hours or weeks sifting through junk.

So who do I call when I can’t find something on the internet? Shawn Wallace. He’s kind of like the reference lady at the library only digital. I sent him an email on 8/27 (I love the trail of email in my storage! This is why I didn’t call.) and by 9/30 I got a one-line email that has changed my computer usage!

Here’s his email: “Check this out:

If I communicate nothing else in this post, get this: RescueTime is for computer usage what a balance sheet is for a business, it lets you know what you did with what you had.

More to come on how this has been useful in my relationship with Jesus…

In the meantime do yourself a favor and


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  1. I hear ya, as far as wasted time on the internet. The internet can be used for great things, as far as staying connected and communicating important messages. However, the internet cannot substitute for real fellowship or social activity. Recently I’ve had to question how much time I spend checking my favorite sites, or searching for a better job. I also have a disease – ever since my job last summer I have difficulty going through the day without checking my email multiple times. I’m not that popular, so I don’t understand why I need to know the moment someone shoots me an email or pm.

    Anyhow, You both are awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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