Easter Photo Shoot (with free dress pattern for kids!)

Free Dress Pattern for Kids

You may suspect that this post is a shameless excuse for showing off pictures of my babies.

And you’d be absolutely right.

Because, seriously, how cute are these girls? (Not that I’m their biased mother or anything…)

free dress pattern for kids

But I do have a more altruistic motive as well.

See their dresses? They’re handmade!

By me? Not a chance. By “Gma.” (Nate’s mom.)

free dress pattern

I found a FREE dress pattern (here) floating around pinterest.

Grandma used it to make the girls’ awesome dresses.

I want you to have awesome dresses, too.

Jess created the pattern, and you can find more sewing tutorials at her blog, Craftiness is Not Optional. They’re all cute, and some of them even look easy enough that a novice like me could tackle them!

While in their Easter finery, I got the perfect shot for Big Sister’s latest milestone picture. She posed herself. (No joke.)

Do you remember how to make milestone pictures for your kids? If not, check out the easy tutorial (here) for a refresher!

Milestones small no name 2.5

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  1. Cutest girls ever!! And I love the dresses. I used to make dresses for my daughter when she was younger and haven’t in years. You’ve inspired me to try again!

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