Homeschool Preschool Field Trip Ideas–The News Station

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Field trips for preschool news station

Homeschool Preschool

Our oldest is 2 1/2, which means it’s time to think about preschool. However, instead of enrolling her in a formal preschool, we’re going the homeschool route. You can read all about our homeschool preschool co-op here!

One thing I love about the idea of homeschooling is that it means that I get to plan awesome trips both close to home and far away. For now, that means recruiting our playdate buddies on a few field trip adventures!

Field Trip for Toddlers

First up, the news station! (Or, as my toddler says, the “nude” station. Don’t worry, we quickly cleared up that misconception.)

We have a friend from church who is a meterologist. Lucky for us, she was up for taking a three-year-old, two-year-old, one-year-old, and a baby on a tour of her station.

To prepare my tot, we visited the news station exhibit at the local museum and watched youtube clips of meteorologists reporting on the weather. (She thought their suits were pajamas. Clearly we don’t get dressed up often.)

preschool field trip news station

Admittedly, it may seem a little advanced to take a group of toddlers to a news station. But I believe that early experiences help shape who we become later. It’s part of the learning process!

Homeschool preschool field trips
The camera loves you, baby doll!

Also, I want my kids to be exposed to different professions and people from a very early age. Right now I’m a SAHM. I want my girls to know that there are lots of options for women. I need to my girls to be surrounded by role models with different areas of expertise.

As part of our tour, the toddlers got to stand in front of the weather map and push the button. What toddler doesn’t love a good button push?

Homeschool preschool field trip ideas

They learned about the green screen (Chromakey) and what happens if you wear green while delivering the news. (Spoiler alert–you disappear!)


They learned about tornadoes. (My point of connection with my child: “You know how sometimes we come in and move your crib far, far away from the windows? That’s because storms and tornadoes bring lots of wind!” I admit, that may not have been my finest teaching moment!)

tornado visualization

They delivered the news.

homeschool preschool field trip

They directed and focused the camera (with adult supervision, of course!)

preschool field trip news station

And, most importantly, they got to hang out with one of their favorite local celebrities.

homeschool preschool field trip ideas

Should you see my two-year-old in person, be sure to ask her what you say when you’re on the news. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear this:

This 20-second video is a great way to introduce you to our outgoing, camera-loving, weather-forecasting toddler. Side note: Nate and I met through choir and theater in high school. Somewhere, in all of our lessons on stage presence, we were probably taught to leave our shirts down.

We’ll work on that.

Anyone need a translation? 😉

Who says toddlers are too young for a field trip? Thanks for the tour, Anne Elise!

10 thoughts on “Homeschool Preschool Field Trip Ideas–The News Station”

  1. Rachael, I enjoy reading your website and I admire your willingness to start homeschooling your girls. I wish I had known about homeschooling when my kids were young. I feel it would have made a great difference in their young lives. I love Anne Elise even though she doesn’t really know me. We sat together a couple of Sundays a year or so ago. I watch her weather reports whenever I can in the mornings…………your little ones will grow up with such a wide variety of experiences like our two grandsons, 9 & 10, whose dad is an Air Force pilot. They have lived in Florida, Virginia (Washington D.C.), San Diego, LasVegas, Anchorage and now Honolulu. Each place they live they take advantage of the local cultural attractions. Annora

  2. I love the education you are providing your children. I am a former pre-school teacher who now teaches middle school. As a mother myself, I provided my children with fun, interesting and educational experiences. I can tell you there is an exponential difference when the parents take an interest in the education of their children.

  3. Hello, I’m visiting by way of Brenda’s Cozy Little House and wanted to say Welcome! Your family is darling! Mine are all grown and my first four grandsons are grown too. However, we have a darling 9 month old granddaughter now and I will tell my sweet daughter-in-law about your blog too. I love your ideas!

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