How to Use THE CURIOUS KID’S SCIENCE BOOK for Your Elementary Science Curriculum

Affiliate links included for your convenience. I was sent a book for the purpose of this review, but I will be buying additional copies on my own. This review is honest; my commendation is sincere. As I think about our schooling choices for next year, I feel underwhelmed by the homeschooling curriculum options I’ve found and overwhelmed by the […]

Homeschool Preschool Field Trip Ideas–The News Station

Hey there! Thanks for visiting! We’d LOVE for you to hang around. Like us on facebook, subscribe by email, or follow us on pinterest to be sure you don’t miss an update! Homeschool Preschool Our oldest is 2 1/2, which means it’s time to think about preschool. However, instead of enrolling her in a formal preschool, […]