Shaving Cream for Kids

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shaving cream for kids

As you may know, my girls and I have accepted the challenge to play together a little bit every day for 100 days. It should be easy. I mean, come on! I’m a SAHM. You probably assume that all I do is play (especially if you’ve seen how not-clean my house is!). But you know what? It’s not easy. Some days it’s hard to make the time to play with my girls. Which is why I love that SunScholars and Life at the Zoo have set up this blog hop where 100 blogs share 100 different easy playtime ideas for 100 days!

Here’s a truly easy idea for how you and your little ones can play today:

Shaving Cream for Kids

You probably have a can of shaving cream in the bathroom. And, honestly, that’s usually where it stays at our house. During bathtime, I’ll squeeze a little (or a lot) into my toddler’s hands. We’ll make mountains, draw on the tub, and pretend it’s body paint. When we’re done, it easily washes away.

However, in case you’d like to broaden your shaving cream horizons, I have two other simple suggestions.

A little shaving cream on a cookie sheet makes for a great sensory experience. We drew shapes and letters (a great pre-writing exercise!) and added some tools from our playdough bin–rolling pin, cookie cutter, straw.  For added texture (and scent), I threw in some baby powder. Why not?

Shaving cream for kids

And yes, it got a little messy. Especially after I encouraged my toddler to squish her toes in the shaving cream. I protected my floor with a shower curtain liner and then dumped my little one in the bathtub as soon as we were finished.

If and when it’s warm enough, take the shaving cream fun outside and rinse off with a hose when you’re done! (Thanks, BabbleDabbleDo for the suggestion!)

Shaving Cream for kids

For older kids or those in need of a cleaner activity, shaving cream is also perfect for a little weather-related illustration. We first tried this activity at our science “class” at our local museum. (You can read all about our love for our museum and the nationwide passport program here: “We’re members! Are you?”)

All you need is a glass of water, blue food coloring, and some shaving cream. Add a bit of shaving cream to the top of the glass and slowly add drops of blue. The blue drops (“rain”), will slowly sink through the shaving cream (“clouds”) and into the water (“air/atmosphere”). It’s a pretty cool visualization!

shaving cream play


How have you played with your kids today?

6 thoughts on “Shaving Cream for Kids”

  1. Oh, my kids have had LOADS of fun with shaving cream. What a great addition to our 100 Days of Play activities! I love the clouds and rain activity. I think we need to do that one. Thanks so much for your great post! Happy to have you joining us in play!!!

  2. Shaving cream is a sure fire hit every time! This would be great in the summer time, when you can hose down the kiddos afterwards 😉 I love the cloud experiment too. And you’re right when you say its actually hard to find time to play with your kids, even when you stay home with them! Glad we’re all making time to do it!

    1. I love the idea to rinse off in the hose! I’ll have to mention it when I share on my facebook page. Love your colorful and fun blog. I’m off to explore it more and like your facebook page. Thanks for dropping in and commenting! 🙂

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