Siblings at Play–How to Include a Baby in Playtime Fun

Guest Post at Creative with Kids! siblings at play

When our first child was born, it was easy to be in her world. As new parents, we were just as excited as she was to play peek-a-boo, shake a rattle, and spend countless hours conversing through goos and coos.

Not surprisingly, it’s not been quite so easy to do that with Baby #2. Now we have a baby AND a toddler to consider; the toddler is busy, vocal, and mobile. Her needs often dictate our playtime and routine.

Sometimes it feels like the baby is just along for the ride.

But that’s not how Nate and I want to parent. We want to encourage the second child’s development just like we did with her big sister! We want to celebrate each new discovery and to find ways to engage her in our playtime.

And guess what? It’s possible! With a little effort, playtime can be modified to include both toddlers and babies. Today you can read a few of my ideas at another amazing blog: Creative with Kids. Check it out here and let me know what you think: Playtime Activities for Babies and Older Siblings!

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