Three Milestones that Help with Baby Sleep

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In the meantime, I wanted to share an article I read on the Woombie site: Help Your Baby Develop a Healthy Sleep Routine After Three Important Biological Milestones – By Deborah Pedrick

I so wish I would have found this when our oldest was a newborn! We needed to hear this then. Instead I found it when our youngest was a few months old, and it was a great refresher. Most new moms will appreciate the reminder that naps can’t be worked out until night sleep is mastered, and that there’s really nothing you can or should do before 8 weeks to shape sleep patterns! And the third milestone? A “late in the day fussy hour”? Yep, both of our girls had that. Glad to hear that’s normal and GOOD!

By the way, guess who is officially six months?

Six Months

And still loving her Woombie!


2 thoughts on “Three Milestones that Help with Baby Sleep”

  1. I just want to say I enjoyed reading your Blog about traveling with infants. I am a first time Nana (grandmother) and I am going to give your website to my son and daughter in law. So they can feel comfortable traveling with
    our new grandson.
    Thank you for very positive out come for traveling with infants and toddlers!


    1. Hi, Susan! Aww, what sweet, sweet compliments. THANK YOU! We loooove traveling with our girls, and one of the main reasons why I blog is to encourage others to love it, too! Congrats on the new grandbaby! What an exciting time of life for you! 🙂

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