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In just a few weeks, our not-so-little baby will be six months old. Six months! Fellow mamas, I know you know how bittersweet this milestone could be for me. Six months is when babies start sitting up. Six months is when babies rock back and forth on their hands and knees to let you know that they are dangerously close to crawling. Six months means solid foods and a fading bald spot. Six-month-old babies mimic “words” and are vocal about their likes and dislikes. Six months is, in my mind, when babies officially graduate from newborn to baby.

And when we hit the six month mark, I’ll be sad. I may cry. Because these past six months have been precious,  sweet, calm, and dare I say it?…fun.

Compare that to our first six months with our older daughter. As I’ve already mentioned, she was not an “easy” newborn. One mistake I think we made with our oldest is that we didn’t swaddle her long enough. That is not a mistake we’re in danger of repeating this time! This baby is still swaddled (loosely, I’ve read all about hip dysplasia) every night. And now that we have this new baby swaddle that Woombie sent us, she’s in it for her long nap every. single. day.

Here’s an honest review of our Woombie (Convertible, Mega Baby):


It’s foolproof. When it comes to swaddling, I’m a complete fool. But even I can’t mess this up. And that, I believe, is the Woombie’s greatest strength. Lay the baby down, zip it up, done!

It helps the baby sleep. For reasons I cannot explain, our baby has regularly taken a three-hour afternoon nap since she was about 2.5 months old. Unfortunately, all of the credit doesn’t go to Woombie. If it did, can you imagine how fast their swaddles would sell? Parents everywhere would be begging for one! But our sweet, sleepy baby slept that long even before the Woombie. HOWEVER, this swaddle sack has reduced the number of times the baby has pulled out her paci and woken herself up. And I think it helps her sleep more soundly. Like all swaddles, it certainly reduces the startle reflex.

Our Convertible Woombie converts to a regular sleep sack. Now that she’s older, our baby likes to have a toy or lovey in her hand. The Woombie allows for that.

Woombie makes sizes that fit bigger and older babies. This is a big deal to me! Ours is the 20-25 pound Mega Baby size. No, our six month old isn’t quite that big, but I think the extra room is mostly in the length. Additionally, when we kept her arms in the swaddle, there was enough stretch and give for her to hold her own hands, a self-soothing habit she enjoyed.

Because they make sizes that fit older babies, the convertible option has use far beyond the normal age of a commercial swaddle blanket. Lots of moms use sleep sacks instead of blankets until their babies are toddlers. The “Convertible Leggies” option is also good for older babies.

There’s no velcro! Velcro can come undone, and my baby can wiggle out of a velcro swaddle. Also, time will take its toll on velcro, but the zipper on the Woombie isn’t going to wear out like the velcro on other swaddle blankets.

The two-way zipper allows for easy diaper changes. Since our baby is older (and FINALLY needs fewer diaper changes!), this isn’t an issue for us. But it is a handy feature.

There’s enough room for her hips and legs to move. Again, this helps with hip dysplasia.

The Woombie and our curly-haired, sleeping baby.


It’s looser than some of the other swaddles. If you want a tight swaddle, consider one of the other Woombie products, not the convertible swaddle (check out the Houdini).

It’s not exactly pretty: I hate to say it, but it looks like a baby straight jacket. (For the record, it’s definitely NOT a straight jacket. As Woombie explains, it needs to be snug to imitate the womb.  Plus it’s made with four-way, stretchy fabric. This allows the baby to move naturally.) However, because we use it for every afternoon nap, family, friends, and strangers had plenty of opportunities to give us odd looks and comments during Christmastime and on vacation. People just aren’t used to seeing a baby zipped up. But, parents, is that a deal breaker? If it helps your baby sleep, do you care how it looks? Absolutely not! Bring on the comments and stares!


Final verdict? It helps my baby sleep and makes my mommy job easier. Of course I love it! And if you win the one that Woombie has offered to send one lucky winner, I hope you will, too!

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77 thoughts on “The Woombie Review”

    1. Would love to win a woombie summer fabric as we live in florida and it’s hot even now in January. We are not color picky. We desperately need one because the little one manages to get out of the Velcro one we are curently using, even at a month old she is quite good at it.

    1. The Woombie has become a lifesaver for our 4 month old strong baby that broke out of every swaddle! We have 1 woombie but could use another big baby one for our man!

  1. I’m pregnant and would be happy to have another tool for the new babe. I imagine I would want a larger woombie, as swaddling blankets worked well last time when babe was little.

  2. I have a sweet 5 week old little boy who can already escape from my swaddling. I loved your review and found it very informing. I’ve looked online at woombie before and was unsure but your review sold me, I need one of these for my baby!

  3. I used the Woombie and “generic” version (Summer Infant’s Swaddle Pod). The Swaddle Pods were cheaper and had the dual zipper, but the Woombies were better quality and had more sizes. The Swaddle Pods only go up to 14-ish pounds. I would LOVE another Woombie for baby 3 (maybe 4, 5?????). Haha!

  4. I wish I would have invited this! lol I think it’s brilliant for night time when you are not quite awake and need to swaddle! Would love to have one for our baby girl who will arrive very soon!

  5. I LOVE the woombie! My baby is so comforted by his. You’re right it’s not all that pretty, but it works! Would like to get a mega baby one in a convertible. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I love the big baby kiwi color. We used swaddle blankets on our first and loved it until he got to big for the blankets. But even after he was to big, he still loved being swaddled. This would be a great alternative. We have a new baby due this spring and this would be so wonderful

  7. The woombie is so AMAZING. After 4-5 months of no sleep with our newborn, we tried it! It worked miracles and my little one smiled every time we zipped him up for nap or bed time. I cried when we had to wean him off at 12 months. With our second due in August, I’m only asking for diapers, wipes and a Woombie!

  8. We just got the Houdini and we love it for our now 6 months old. However I am hoping that in due time she will be able to work into the Convertible. 😀

  9. I’d love these for the next baby we have (which we’re planning on ttc soon)! My first hated being swaddled, so I passed all of ours down to a family friend. Time to start fresh!

  10. My oldest daughter got married last year and they are already planning the arrival of a new spirit into this world! I’m about to be a new grandmother and couldn’t be happier. I wish that Woombies had been available when I was young, new mother. Would love to be able to surprise her with a Woombie Houdini for the little one!

  11. My baby loved his woombie as a new born. He outgrew it I couldn’t afford a bigger one I got a cheeper one from the store. I wish I would have sprong for a woombie!

  12. I love the woombies for my grandbabies. They make nap-time and night-time much easier. I’d like any of the Woombies…but I think the Houdini is my favorite since it’s the only one we’ve tried and it works great!

  13. I saw that someone had listed the Woombie as one of the 10 must have things for baby. I’m expecting our first child in about a month and would love to have one for our new bundle of joy when he arrives.

  14. I’m scheduled to deliver my very first baby on Wednesday! 🙂 I’ve been looking at the Woombie’s but have yet to order one. Winning one would be great!

  15. Win or not, we’ll be getting the convertible woombie soon. We love our Wrap n Snap but our almost 8 month old baby is ready for the next step. Wish these were around with my first. We love our Woombie!

  16. This is seriously my VERY favorite baby item of all time!

    I bought two for my son and just loved them . I think these make the perfect gift for a first, second, or third time mom. Heck, forever.


  17. I would love a convertible Woombie. I’m pregnant with my first and my sister has had great success swaddling all three of her babies so I’m definitely trying it out!

  18. I want a newborn original Woombie. I have SEVERAL for my own boys and now I want to pass the best baby product along to my friend who is expecting!!

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