$2 Frosty Key Tags Benefit a Great Cause and Make Great Gifts!

This morning, a group of foster and adoptive families took our kids caroling at the Vigo County Department of Child Services office.

The DCS trainers, casemanagers, supervisors, and staff have some of the hardest jobs imaginable, and we’re thankful for the work they do for vulnerable kids in our community!Frosty Key Tags to Benefit Adoption

Even though our family is forever indebted to our DCS team for the role team members played in bringing our forever family together, rules state that we can’t give our caseworkers individual gifts.

We can, however, sing our thanks through Christmas carols and bring a small gift for the entire staff!

Some of the foster families brought chocolates and candies, one of my amazing friends brought homemade cake pops (she has six kids, y’all. When I describe her as “amazing,” I’m not exaggerating!), and we brought the staff key tags from Wendy’s.

These key tags allow the owner to get a free Jr. Frosty with every Wendy’s purchase in 2018. They cost $2 each, and the money goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to help kids waiting in foster care find forever families. How fitting!Frosty Key Tag--Good Gift for a Great Cause

These tags make great stocking stuffers and small- but-meaningful tokens of appreciation for special people in your life this holiday season!

Wendy’s believes that “unadoptable” is unacceptable. Find out more about the 2018 Frosty Key Tags here. You can purchase online or in (some) local stores. Call ahead to verify that your local store is participating!

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