Strength Day at Elisa Martinez (Nate)

Even though the morning was relatively relaxed compared to the previous days and we got to sleep in a little, Rachael did not feel well for breakfast and the drive to meet the translators. Please pray for Rachael and our baby that they would be well and that Chris & Christy would not get sick on this trip or afterward.

When we arrived at Elisa Martinez, we met a few new boys, and I struck up a conversation with a muscular African-Guatemalan. It turns out he used to get paid about $120/month to play soccer on a neighborhood team, but now that he’s in the government home for 3 months, he hasn’t been able to practice or really have a ball to himself to juggle. He is one of the strange cases where his mother’s spouse abused him, so he was sent to this government home for his protection. For three months. How strange that he would be sent to live with a bunch of orphans as a form of protection. I was able to share briefly about my joy and how it comes from knowing Jesus. He seemed mildly interested.

Chris and Christy had prepared a lesson involving Samson and what we’re supposed to do with our strength. Chris’s big muscles were a huge hit and the kids laughed a lot while learning a Bible verse and doing some exercises! Chris just jumped in to lead the session and made it look easy. I guess the whole being a lawyer gig helps in front of large crowds!P1080769


Afterward, we all went outside and split into separate groups for Football, Soccer, Oragami, and other various crafts. Christy found some boys with a lot of talent and patience for folding paper:


I  did my afternoon of soccer and had a blast, as always:


Chris appeared to have a ton of fun explaining the rules and getting the kids playing some football. I think this picture is the result of a good game:


Rachael made her rounds with the camera, but they still won’t let us take pictures of all the boys individually. I’m not sure what they are afraid of, but the government has made it clear that we can only take a few general group pictures when we come. Everything was running smoothly, thanks to Rachael’s planning and preparation! A bunch of the boys were wearing their sunglasses today when we arrived and we were able to pass out a few more pairs to the boys who didn’t get any yesterday because they weren’t there.

Rachael got mobbed passing out glow sticks and candy, but was able to settle the boys down to get a little more information about a few of them. I think her Spanish is getting a lot better, because I didn’t hear much about translators, but she had more details on what some of the boys are learning and want to do when they leave the home.


When we went back to the mall to drop off the translators, Rachael thought ahead to Saturday when we’re going to take Daniel’s whole house at Casa Bernabe out to see Toy Story 3. It’s a good thing, too. The lines were ridiculous since it was opening day. While Berta helped us get 25 tickets to the show, she just mentioned in passing how nice Chris and Christy are and how they aren’t picky at all. We agree. They have been really great to travel with. They’re willing to tackle anything we throw their way, and they have done it with grace and love toward the kids. How lucky I am to have a sister and brother-in-law that were willing to come along with us even though they don’t belong to our church and have never been to Guatemala before! They have been awesome traveling companions and excellent co-laborers in helping us with all the kids here. We thank God for them and their help.

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