Christmas Bucket List and Giveaway Winner

Thank you for the impressive response to the Elmer’s Craft It giveaway! I wish I could send a crafting set to each of you. Do you think Elmer’s would go for that? If not, maybe they’ll at least let me do this again in the future! It’s fun to give stuff away!

According to, out of the 86 entries(!), the giveaway winner is….comment #14–Erin “would  love to craft with the little guys” Fortune.  Congratulations! (Word to the wise–Erin took advantage of the multiple entry opportunities, and it worked!)

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who entered. Please continue to read, share, and comment! Why else would I blog if not for friends like you who faithfully stick with me?

Anyway, on to the Christmas content! Did you make a Christmas bucket list? We have a copy of ours on the refrigerator to help keep us on track.

So far we have:

  • Had friends over to playPlay date
  • Made graham cracker houses (Instead of gingerbread and icing use peanut butter, graham crackers, and dried fruit. It ain’t pretty, but it’s healthier!)Graham cracker house
  • Purchased gifts for another family for the Salvation Army Christmas Party
  • Colored a Christmas picture (or two. or twenty.)
  • Read the Getting Ready for Christmas book. (I think we’ll have more fun with this next year when our oldest is three.)
  • Made ornaments (These are out of borax. Instructions from Martha Stewart. Not surprisingly, Martha’s are way prettier.) 
    ornaments 5
  • Attended a few local events (picture with Santa, reindeer at the museum, downtown festival)
  • Local
  • Read the Christmas story in the Bible
  • Made jello in our Christmas molds
  • Jello
  • Watched Elf
  • Played with our felt Christmas tree
  • Tree
  • Read through our collection of Christmas books
  • Danced to Christmas music
  • Wrapped a few gifts
  • Taken a few quality pictures of the girls

Girls2And in the few short days before Christmas, we’d still like to:

  1. Make star and hand print ornaments
  2. Drink hot cider
  3. Spend time with extended family (this weekend!)
  4. Look at Christmas lights in our pajamas (well, the girls will be wearing pajamas. But mom and dad? Probably not. Well, unless it’s “one of those days” in which I never make it out of my pajamas to begin with!)
  5. Post a Christmas letter/update (coming soon!)
  6. Talk about and play with our nativity set
  7. Bake gingerbread cookies

How about you? How are you doing on your bucket list?

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