Kids on Bikes: 11 Ways to Make Family Bike Rides {More} Fun for Kids

This is the first post in a new series on Nothing if Not Intentional about biking with kids! While I’ve never considered us serious bikers, we have somehow managed to end up on a few epic bike adventures (starting with when Nate and I decided to spend seven days biking across the upper portion of New Zealand […]

Easy, Taste-Safe Recipe for Summer Sunshine Clay

I’m happy to be once again sharing ideas as part of a three-day blogging series with some of my favorite friends and bloggers–Ann from My Nearest and Dearest, Jessica from Play Trains!, Chelsey from Buggy and Buddy, and Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day. Based on the weather in North America, is it really any surprise that this time our posts are […]

16 Things to Paint Besides Paper

My girls love to paint. Okay, so my three-year-old loves to paint. My one-year-old loves to suck on the paint-covered brushes. Or (more accurately) she loves to see my reaction to her sucking on the paint-covered brushes. But seriously, they both spend a lot of time painting. (Often with edible paint for obvious reasons.) Usually we […]

Free Printables–Spring-Themed Scissor Practice

Sure, there are a lot of ways to encourage scissor skills with little ones. But right now, our three-year-old loves cutting paper. Since cutting with scissors is great fine motor practice, I decided to make a little spring-themed scissor cutting page. She very nicely cut along the lines and edges. And then decided to keep going […]

“Mommy, Can I Buy My Lunch Today? Math Money Games for Preschool

Our three-year-old loves to pretend to shop. She’ll often get out her shopping cart, purse, coins, and even a (voided) credit card, and ask, “Mommy, will you play grocery store with me and check me out?” Since she’s just three (well, technically three and a half), I haven’t worried too much about making sure she’s […]

How to Make Rose Petal Paint

Today is the third and final day in our Spring Play Days series with my friends at Buggy and Buddy, Fun-A-Day!, Twodaloo, and Fantastic Fun and Learning! In case you missed them, our first two posts were: Healthy Butterfly Pancakes  Homemade Puffy Paint with Flower Sun Catchers I thought I’d end my part of the […]

Watch Disney’s Blank for FREE and Create Your Own Blank-Inspired Figurine

This is a really fun sponsored post. Last weekend, I got an email saying that I’d been selected to preview Blank (Disney’s new Vinylmation movie) and then invite you, my wonderful readers and friends, to watch it too for free!  Our girls don’t watch a lot of TV or movies. In fact, this is only the third […]