Free Printables–Spring-Themed Scissor Practice

Sure, there are a lot of ways to encourage scissor skills with little ones. But right now, our three-year-old loves cutting paper. Since cutting with scissors is great fine motor practice, I decided to make a little spring-themed scissor cutting page.

She very nicely cut along the lines and edges.

Scissor Practice for Preschool (Fun ideas with free printables)

And then decided to keep going and cut the entire page into little tiny pieces.

Scissor cutting practice for preschoolers--with free printables

As I said, she REALLY likes cutting paper. 😉

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; I shred paper when I chat–napkins, sweetener packets, paper menus. There all in danger of being ripped to shreds if someone puts them in front of me at a coffee shop or restaurant.

Since one page isn’t going to cut it (no pun intended) at our house, I made another scissor practice page. For this one, she started by connecting the dots with her crayons (more fine motor practice!).


 And then she cut out the chicks.

spring scissor practice-- with free printables

You’re welcome to print these and offer them to your kiddos.

Of course there are other spring-themed scissor ideas online.

This post will show you how to cut a grass crown.

Want more spring fun? Check out our spring and summer bucket list!

(*I made my printables with picmonkey! You could make your own free printables there too.) 🙂

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