Provision Part 2: Card Me (by Rachael)

So check it out- our friends Dan and Bethany are friends with the guys who started this nifty website called  Ever heard of it?  No? Me neither.  That is, until a few months ago when Dan and Bethany decided to have a “house party” to help out with Guatemala.    They had a par-tay at church for […]

Provision (by Nate)

We recently received notice that there are roughly 90 boys in the two orphanages we visit. That’s roughly 25-30 more than we expected, which is okay with us. We usually plan on getting extra stuff and writing extra letters, but this time we had a wonderful surprise. One of our high school Spanish teachers was […]

Hope (by Nate)

Yesterday we had lunch with a friend of ours, an experienced world-traveler, who has been keeping up on our adventures in Guatemala. We had a great time sharing our stories with an interested and active listener who challenged us to think about motivation, purpose, goals, and the potential for growth and expansion of our work in […]