Moths (by Nate)

I spent a little time figuring out what to do with some of our HSA money yesterday. An HSA is a savings account for our health care money and acts a little like a retirement account. No, I’m not planning on retiring soon- I believe Rachael and I could keep up our pace of life […]

Recession? (by Nate)

Our church is holding a Dave Ramsey: Town Hall for Hope meeting on Thursday, and I’m definitely excited to see what kind of things he has to say about the role of the church in our current situation. Headlines are gushing with jobs lost and bailouts in progress. Pessimists have their heads in the ground […]

Leverage (by Nate)

Most people have a seat-of-the-pants understanding about leverage from playground equipment. Some people understand the physics behind the lever and have put it to great use. In the financial world, leverage has more of a theoretical application than a physical one. Someone who might only have enough cash to buy enough bread for a week’s […]

Bailout for the Bankrupt Christmas (Nate)

I recently received an issue of an e-zine (it’s like a magazine that comes through email–great for not cluttering up your coffee table) that gave special attention to the decline in charitable giving. Overall giving is down. A confidence indicator that tracks people’s willingness to give is at a new low. Some organizations that exist […]