Our Saturday Morning Tradition–Pumpkin Pancakes

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Some Saturday mornings look like this:

pumpkin panckaes

And other Saturdays look like this:


Either way, they almost always include pancakes.

(Isn’t Nate awesome? It’s perfectly normal for him to wear both of our babies AND to make me breakfast!)

So what makes our pancakes special? These two things:

pumpkin pancakes

We’ve tried going the “from scratch” route, but the added tastiness just doesn’t justify the added effort (for us). So we use pancake mix, a spoonful or two of spice (ginger, cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg), and a cup or so of pumpkin. But I commend you if you make your pancakes from scratch and use fresh pumpkin!

Our toddler loves pumpkin pancakes.

Our toddler loves pumpkin.

In fact, when we’re done, she’ll often finish off the can of pumpkin with her dinner. Because pumpkin isn’t sold year round, stock up while you can!

When we’re feeling wild, we’ll throw in bananas, blueberries, nuts, or dried cranberries!

Want more breakfast ideas? Try our two favorite muffin recipes. Banana oatmeal–no flour or oil! And pumpkin–no oil. Kids love ’em!

4 thoughts on “Our Saturday Morning Tradition–Pumpkin Pancakes”

  1. I love that your DH wears the kids all the time. My DH did too when mine were little. I actually am wanting to get a new back carrier and was wondering which kind your DH is wearing in the first photo. I like it because it’s so high on his back so the child can see over the shoulder. The one I have right now is too low.

    1. Yay for babywearing! Dads and husbands wearing babies/kids is a special kind of sweetness! Our back carrier is a Gerry. I’m not even sure if they’re sold anymore… :/ we picked it up at a consignment shop! Thanks for visiting and for commenting, Jacqueline!

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