Preparing for the Second Child: Part 2

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Preparing for second child

My due date is less than two weeks away!

With the clock ticking, here are the last five things on my pre-baby to-do list. (To read the first five, check out this post.)

6.) First on the list, a relatively simple task. What kind of “experienced” mom would I be if I didn’t have a bag and instructions ready for those who are looking after our firstborn while we’re away meeting Baby #2? Luckily, A has both sets of grandparents in town, and she’s been able to spend extra time with all four of them this summer. She likes them. She has fun with them. She gets excited when they come over. I think (wish, hope, pray) that this will make the hours we’re away much more bearable and fun for her!

7) Second, I’m nesting but at a much slower pace. Big Sister’s room was ready months in advance. But this baby’s room? Well, with four weeks to go, she technically didn’t even have a room yet. We’ve been remodeling our upstairs, and a few weeks ago we finally moved up there into our new master bedroom! Now our old room is being converted into a baby room/guest room. It’s a (slow) work in progress.

Our new room!

8.)  I’m making plans to get out. Right now, the toddler and I get out of the house every single day, usually around 10:30 or 11:00. At that point in the morning, she starts to fuss. I have this theory that, even though she’s down to only one afternoon nap, she still needs a morning rest. Buckling her in her car seat, bike trailer, or stroller gives her time to reset and recharge. And if that theory is totally bogus, my other theory is that the change of scenery perks us both up.

So I’m determined to get out of the house with both of my babies. We’ll go to the museum (we love our museum pass!). We’ll go to the park. We’ll stop by the library. We’ll play in a nearby fountain. We’ll make it to play dates. Because A will still need those things. Because I’ll still need those things.

And because two babies means two sets of gear, my mom got me this fun not-so-little diaper bag in zebra print: WhodaThought Mrs. Smith’s Tempo Diaper Bag, Blue Polka Dot. If nothing else, it’ll make our crazy outings feel more fun. Did you see the built-in drawer!? Genius!

9.) I’m making plans to stay in. One of the blessings/curses of having children so close together in age is that I vividly remember how difficult it was to get out of the house with a newborn. I will never forget the disaster that was our trip to my two-week postpartum appointment. It involved the dog escaping from the car and running around the library parking lot, my purse spilling onto the floor while I waited in the library line (where I was busy bouncing and shushing a screaming baby),  realizing I had lost my library card, an explosive poop, no change of baby clothes, and finally, feeling so overwhelmed that I left the offensive diaper in the parking lot.

Did I really just admit that?  Whoa. Let’s not do that again, okay?

We’ve been working to get the house ready for us to stay and play at home. Earlier this summer, we bought this perfect little swing set: Step2 Play Up Gym Set. But, for once, I didn’t buy it from Amazon! I bought it from a local yard sale group I found on facebook. It’s been perfect for this summer, and I believe it will still challenge and entertain her for a few more years. Along with the swing set, we’ve filled our storage shed with a homemade sandbox, an alligator pool and its corresponding giraffe waterfall and elephant sprinkler, and various other yard sale toys meant for pushing, digging, rolling, throwing, and riding around our yard.

On sunny days, when I just can’t muster up the energy to drag all three (four, if you count the dog) of us into the car and out in public, our backyard will be our haven.

Our other “renovation” was to clean out an underutilized room in the basement and turn it into a playroom. For $20, my two babies and I have a sweet retreat filled with things to that will encourage us to play, imagine, create, and enjoy!

10.) Lastly, there are some practical considerations we overlooked the first time around. For one, our new bed will be covered with a new mattress protector AND towels to protect it from the blood, sweat, and tears it could encounter. Seasoned moms, you know what I’m talking about.

And my FAVORITE practical consideration was Nate’s birthday/anniversary gift to me: a post-baby house cleaner! My dear husband knows that I do not find cleaning therapeutic in any way, shape, or form. On the other hand, he also knows that a (relatively) clean house will do wonders for post-baby sanity and mental health. I’m sure the other moms out there will appreciate the awesomeness of this gift!

Other than that? Well, life is pretty simple. We’re relaxing. Baking cookies. Chasing our oldest daughter around the dining table (because she loves it when Mommy and Daddy “run around”). Sharing a ten-minute, family hug in the kitchen (because it cracks us all up that our little girl likes it when we have a group hug).  We’re spending time out in public (because don’t you dare get my newborn sick!). We’re sleeping in. We’re cleaning. We’re visiting with friends.

The pre-baby life is a good life.

But, as our oldest daughter taught us, so is post-baby life.

And with that, (we think) we’re ready! Come on out, baby!  We’re ready when you are!

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