Halloween Art–Invitation to Create with Edible/Baby Safe Paint!

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As you may already know, I’m collaborating with a few of my favorite blogging friends to bring you simple Halloween play invitations for your kiddos to enjoy together throughout the month of October. To see our first idea that was a hit with both of my girls and to read more about play invitations, check out this post: Creepy Crawly Cauldron Play.

For this second invitation, I knew I wanted to do something with Halloween art and paint. As I was meandering through the dollar store, I saw a plastic roller with some stamp stickers on it. I thought, “Hey! I could make something like that and add a Halloween spin!” In fact, I’ve seen a similar homemade version before. Check out this awesome rolling pin stamp from Thrive 360Living.

So I bought a package of foam rollers and a Halloween stamp set.

At home, I attached the stamps with glue dots (Amazon affiliate link here). The stamps were secure, yet they came off easily enough when we were ready to clean up. For the second roller, I simply used foam stickers.

Halloween art--invitation to create using edible/baby safe paint!

Our baby (14 months) still mouths everything, so I wanted the paint to be safe to eat. We used my favorite homemade paint recipe (flour and water), but you can find ten others (all two ingredients or less!) in this DIY paint recipe post.

Since this was an activity for Halloween, we stuck with orange. The color mixing was great for my three-year-old. She woke up from her nap excited to mix. “What going to happen when we mix red and yellow, Mommy? It going be pink?” What a fun way to hypothesize and experiment!

We set the paint materials up outside, and then I let the girls decide when and how they would play.

How our three-year-old played: 

Big Sister started with the basting brush and then moved to the stamp rollers. The stamps were awesome, but I think a thinner paint (like acrylic) would have defined the stamp picture better. Again, check out Thrive360Living’s post for a better example. Not that my daughter noticed that her stamps weren’t very pretty! She was too busy rolling, smushing, creating.

She kept asking her favorite question, “Did you never do this, Mommy?” Which loosely translates to, “Have you ever done this before? Isn’t it cool?! Watch me, Mom!”

Halloween art--invitation to paint.

The foam stickers (as opposed to the foam stamps attached with glue dots) came off rather easily, but that only added to the fun. She asked if she could take the stickers off and paint over them. Of course! What a great idea!

Along with the blank butcher paper, I had a few Halloween cutouts intended for classrooms. Our little artist rolled intently added paint to every square inch of the pictures.

Halloween art--invitation to paint

How our one-year-old played:

At first, the snack cup was more interesting than the paint.

But she couldn’t let her big sister have all of the painting fun.

Halloween art--invitation to create using edible/baby safe paint!

She liked painting with the basting brush, and she wanted to see if it would fit in her snack cup. (You can see why I chose edible paint, right?)

Halloween art--invitation to create using edible/baby safe paint!

She liked rolling.

She liked feeling the paint on her toes.

Halloween art--invitation to create using edible/baby safe paint!

And, of course, she liked taste tasting.

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Halloween art--invitation to create using edible/baby safe paint!

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