Sofi the Schnoodle

A few months ago, we surprised our friends and ourselves by doing something we never thought we’d do….we got a dog.

See, we are not “dog people.” I’ve always been under the impression that dogs are kind of stinky and messy. They eat poop and don’t like to take baths. They make me sneeze and cause Nate’s eyes to water. And, if you get a dog, that must mean you really want to have babies, and we are NOT ready for babies. On top of all that, the idea of being parents to a 6lb. bundle of fur and slobber really seems to conflict wih our dreams of being flexible, going overseas, and not being tied down.

But, you know what, Little Dog hasn’t slowed us down one bit. She goes with us everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE…airplanes, grocery stores, football games, hotels, churches, and weddings. You name it, she’s there!). She makes us laugh, and she doesn’t even bother our allergies. We love her so much, we might even have to start calling ourselves “dog people.”


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