18 Reasons to Love the Terrible Twos

I’m writing this during nap time of my baby’s third birthday. I tried to get her to promise me that she would stay two forever; sadly, she refused.

I know that age two is supposed to be terrible, but I’m going to miss it. And that’s saying something since, for the ten weeks our foster son was with us, I had not one but two two-year-olds!

Before I move completely into the ferocious, tantrum-throwing, defiant world that is age three, let me pause for a second and reflect on all the things that are truly lovely and loveable about the “terrible” twos.

18 things to love about the terrible twos

Eighteen Things to Love About Two-Year-Olds

  1. They adapt quickly. When we traveled last year, our two-year-old was the quickest one to adjust to jet lag, the time change, or disruptions to her routine.
  2. They are easily redirected. You’re throwing a massive tantrum? Check out this old and forgotten super cool toy I pulled from the bottom of the toy box! Or better yet–have a snack. You must be hangry.
  3. They take naps. Moms with babies, I have sad news for you: there will come a time when your kids no longer nap. At all. Ever. No more naps. Can you imagine? But two-year-olds still nap. And if you’re lucky, it’s a long nap in the middle of the afternoon that allows you to clean up, cook dinner, shop online, or waste time on pinterest.
  4. They get away with saying the cutest, most-socially unacceptable things. For instance, we once met a man named Nevil. Our two-year-old couldn’t say “Mr. Nevil.” So, naturally, she called him, “Mr. Nipples.” Would that be cute coming from a seven-year-old? I think not.
  5. They let you choose their outfits. Cowboy boots, tutus, super hero capes, gigantic hairbows, practical footwear, a coat in winter–put them in these things now because the day will come when they’ll fight you on every wardrobe decision.18 reasons to love the terrible twos
  6. They start to make friends. At age two, you start to see baby friendships form. Little friends show their love by sharing previously chewed snacks, biting to draw blood, giving hugs so tight they’ll knock each other over, and sloppy, open-mouth kisses.
  7. They still call you Mommy and Daddy. Enjoy it now–pretty soon you’ll just be plain, old Mom and Dad.
  8. They snuggle. And two-year-old cuddles can turn the worst day around.
  9. They’re (somewhat) immune to marketing. Two-year-olds don’t beg for expensive toys they see on commercials, fancy vacations, or fifteen shirts with Olaf and Elma. For a few short years, you can mostly avoid pressure from your kids to buy all the things.
  10. They’re not three. And if you think two is terrible, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
  11. They wear diapers. And this is good because it means you don’t have to deal with public restrooms.
  12. They have pudgy, baby legs.
  13. They’re easily entertained. To a two-year-old, a paper napkin can make things disappear, a cardboard box is a play fort, and a silly mommy is the world’s most hilarious comedian.
  14. They’re free. Two-year-olds often travel, eat, and play for free.18 things to love about the terrible twos
  15. They want to be be just like you. Sorry, friends. Sooner or later, your kids are going to revoke your cool card.
  16. They giggle. And nothing is better than a happy, giggly two-year-old.
  17. They are all in. When your two-year-old is in your arms, hitting you in the face, arching his back, and screaming bloody murder, you might forget that passion is a good thing. But we want our kids to grow up to have passion. We want them to fight for what they believe it and not be easily swayed by (negative) peer influence.
  18. They need you. My two-year-old needed mommy to cuddle her before bed, to kiss her boo-boos, to hold her when she got tired. I’m already seeing those slip away as she moves towards the fiercely independent preschool years.

Your turn! What thoughts cheered you up during your worst days of the terrible twos?

18 reasons to love the terrible twos! #10 "They’re not three. And if you think two is terrible, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet."

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