Play for Baby–Texture Cards!

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Baby play! Make your own texture cards.

This morning, my parents volunteered to take the toddler with them to the splash park. So I had an entire morning alone with the baby!

I planned to be productive (you know, tackle the pile of unfolded laundry on the bed, clean up the kitchen, vacuum, read an entire novel), but then I realized it was the perfect time to let the baby have an activity all for herself without big sister’s interference.

Think fast! There’s only 20 minutes until nap time! What play for baby ideas do I have that requires a bit of supervision (since she’ll have my undivided attention) but little prep? Answer: texture cards!

Play for baby! Texture cards

Play for Baby–Texture Cards!

The beauty of texture cards is that you can make them out of ANYTHING. The “card” can be cardboard, cardstock, or felt. And the “textures” are anything that would be fun for baby to see and touch. Our first texture cards came to us as part of a busy bag swap, but we’ve since elaborated and expanded our texture card collection.

Play for baby! Make your own texture cards.

I used foam stickers, bubble wrap, cotton balls, corn, a pinecone, and a sponge.

Baby play! Make your own texture cards.

You could also use contact paper, pom poms, buttons, or tape.

Baby play! Make your own texture cards.

I hot glued our textures to the card, but glue is no match for my baby. My little one (almost 11 months) definitely ripped the cotton ball right off the card.* And while her big sister has always been very sensitive to correction, the baby thinks it’s HILARIOUS for me to tell her not to put things in her mouth. (Is that a birth order thing? Personality thing? Who knows!)

Baby play! Make your own texture cards.

For a different homemade texture experience, check out these fabric texture books from Mama Smiles.

Of course, we also love texture books from the store. Tails, Pat the Bunny, and the Baby Touch and Feel series are our current favorites.

*Common sense warning–always watch your child closely! We decided to save the more scrumptious looking texture materials (like corn kernels) until our baby decides she’s no longer interested in popping everything into her mouth. 🙂

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  1. Your texture cards look really cool! I’ve always stuck with fabric (thanks for the link!) because my babies have all eaten EVERYTHING.

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