The Perfect Summer Smoothie Recipe

Today is the second day in a series of summer play posts! (You can find our Sunshine Clay recipe here).

Now that you’ve seen the title of today’s post (“The Perfect Summer Smoothie Recipe”), perhaps you think I’m a bit confused. After all, what does a smoothie have to do with play time?

I’m glad you asked!

The perfect summer smoothie--just three ingredients!

On our recent trip to Mexico, we stayed at a gorgeous all-inclusive resort (full review coming soon). There was a water park, miles of beautiful beach, pools, and a swim-up bar. For our little girls, the swim-up bar was a definite highlight. They loved swimming up before naptime and asking for (non-alcoholic!) smoothies. They graciously accepted their treats, dutifully attempted to say “gracias,” and then let Mommy and Daddy swim them back to the pool’s edge.

Back at the room, the three-year-old would sit with me on the balcony. We’d drink our smoothies, read Corduroy and Clifford books, and watch the ocean while Daddy washed the sand out of little sister’s curls.

It was idyllic.

And very playful. Because summer play is, to me, all about sweet moments together. It’s about little ones asking for more “moovie,” and you giving in because they’re so gosh-darn cute. (What’s the harm in a little more fruit?) It’s humidity that makes curls bounce. Baby outfits that show off and cool off chubby toddler legs. Little girls giggling as they blow bubbles into their juice with their straws.

Is it really much of a stretch to say that smoothies belong in a summer play series?

Okay, okay–with that sappiness aside, let’s get to the recipe! It’s pretty presumptuous of me to call this the “perfect” smoothie recipe, don’t you think? There’s a reason for that! At the all-inclusive, we tried a LOT of smoothie recipes. And this one was our favorite and the one we wanted to repeat at home!

The perfect summer smoothie recipe--just three deliciously healthy ingredients!

For a full blender of deliciousness (approximately 1.25 liters), you’ll need:

  1. 4 cups orange juice. Maybe less. I think the o.j. is a little strong in our version.
  2. 10 ounces frozen chunks of mango
  3. Two bananas

That’s it! No added sugar. No yogurt. No extras.

The perfect summer smoothie recipe. Simply delicious!

The only thing that would make it better is if we were still back in Mexico where the mangoes are fresh and abundant…

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Perfect for summer! Smoothie recipe with just three yummy (and natural) ingredients.


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