May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor–Mockingjay — Part 2

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I can’t handle the fact that The Hunger Games movie series is coming to an end. I can’t even handle it. I hear the haunting whistle song (you know the one) and my chest tightens and I can’t think about anything else but the movie.

If I could, I would make the series go on for ever and ever.

Exactly how intense is my obsession? Well, let’s put it this way: my husband barely talked me out of giving our youngest daughter the middle name “Rue.” I think the name (like the Rue story line in The Hunger Games) is beautiful. In the end, we decided it was a bit too sad and tragic, so we followed the precedent we set with our older daughter and gave little sis a middle name that starts with the letter E. But I still sometimes add the “Rue” in as a nickname.

I’m dying to see how the movie series ends. Like many Hunger Games fans, the last book was my least favorite. (The ending!) But could the movie redeem the book? I think it’s possible. If this Mockingjay–Part 2 trailer is any indication, the last movie is going to be epic. The assassination attempt, the mission, President Snow’s obsession with destroying Katniss, the choices Katniss has to make. Epic, I tell ya. Epic.

Also? No matter what you say, I’ll always be Team Peeta. Team Book Peeta, to be specific. Movie Peeta was weaker and less romantic. But he was still better than Gale. (Sorry, Gale.)

This post may be sponsored, but my love for The Hunger Games is 100% genuine. I practically begged the network to let me write about The Hunger Games.  In fact, the opening of this big movie will probably be one of the two movies we see in the theater this year.

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Mockingjay–Part 2 opens on Friday, November 20th

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