Edible Sensory Play for Babies

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At 9 months, our baby loves to chew and drool on everything within reach. I keep reminding myself this is an important developmental stage. She doesn’t know it’s not a good idea to eat sand, leaves, rocks, paper, or her sister’s dirty shoes. And trying/tasting everything is how she explores the world around her!

Obviously we supervise her carefully. (The rock incident? I was watching her the entire time! How did a ROCK sneak past me?!) However, playtime isn’t as fun if I’m constantly taking things away and fighting to keep things out of her mouth.

But there are ways to minimize these playtime power struggles. My favorite way? Edible sensory play! You can find a few of my edible play ideas in my guest post over at Creative Playhouse. Kat is an incredibly sweet blogger who has allowed me to share as part of her Brilliant Baby Play series.  Check it out and then share your best suggestions for edible play!

Edible sensory play

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