Day 2: Back with the Boys (Nate)

At one point in the morning commute, we had 16 people in our 14 passenger van, several backpacks, a wheelchair, and a large suitcase. Oh, and we followed a pickup truck towing a cage with 2 lions and their cubs most of the way to the Community Center. Awesome way to start the day!

I think this picture pretty much sums up the rest of the day:P1080212

We got to share a bit of God’s heart with the kids in the form of a skit about God’s selection of David as  a king. Our group should probably go on tour with our rendition. I think it would be a good outlet for things like this: P1080195

Then the kids made crowns with us and we were able to talk a bit about how God sees past our exteriors and looks at the heart for kingly qualities. I think most of the kids got a combination of that message and this one: duct tape on the head = pain if it sticks to your hair.P1080210

Just in case you thought we were only torturing the kids with duct tape in the hair, here are Christine, me, and Jody, sporting our kingly hats.


It’s pouring now and we’re off to dinner during this lovely storm! More tomorrow…

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