Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments–Art Into Ornaments

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Turn your child's art into ornaments!

Today I’m joining a group of bloggers who are all in on a grand scheme to bring you 20 days of kid-made ornaments. After all, those handmade trinkets (no matter how cheesy) are our favorite ones to pull out and decorate with each year.

Some of the ornaments shared in this series are truly creative. You can find them all on the kid-made ornament pinterest board.

Mine is not so creative.

Simply put, mine was born out of necessity.

Born from the need to deal with the pile of scribbles, collages, and splattered paint artwork that is covering our art table. I don’t know what to do with it all, but I can’t bear to part with it.

So we turned a few pieces into this awesome gift for daddy.

DIY Gift Idea for Dad

And I took a few pieces and made them into these ornaments.

Art into ornaments! Kid-made Christmas ornaments.

Wanna know how I did it?

Turn your child's artwork into ornaments!

Well, it all started with some paint, paper, and two creative kids.

Art into ornaments. Kid-made Christmas crafts.

Once the paint dried and glitter dust settled, I took cookie cutters and traced some Christmas shapes. Then I cut them out and added letter stickers to distinguish between the two kiddos and their masterpieces.

Kid-made Christmas crafts--art into ornaments

My three-year-old wanted to add more glitter, so we headed back to the art table for more glitter glue.

Just a note, it’s helpful to either decorate both sides or glue two pieces back to back. That way they still look festive and purdy even if they flip over.

I added a hole. And some ribbon. And voila!

Art into ornaments.

I may laminate our favorites in hopes that they’ll last longer.

Okay, so this preserved a few pieces of artwork, but I still have a huge stack that’s not displayed or saved very well. Please tell me you have a brilliant idea to share!

Kid-made ornaments

I’m not the only one sharing kid-made Christmas ornaments today. Check out what Jen made over at  Kitchen Counter Chronicles for more fun ideas!

Do you have a kid-made ornament post to share? Link them and see the the complete series over at the Mama Miss Kid-Made Christmas page.

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