FREE Christmas Printables: Activity Placemat & Fill-in-the-Blank Story for Preschoolers

I’ve been slacking as a hostess lately. Apart from our girls’ train party and my husband’s Murder Mystery birthday party, we haven’t had many people over this year! It could be because I’m an introvert, and I guard my house (my safe space, my retreat, my refuge) closely.

Or maybe it’s because I don’t like to clean. 😉

FREE Christmas Printables for Preschoolers

But when we do have people over, I try to make it nice. And one of the rituals I have is that I bring out the “good soap.” Such a silly ritual, right? But our guests deserve the nice soap. My girls and their overly zealous pumping can use the plain, everyday soap the other days of the week.

So, when I was selected to write for the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® campaign, I knew I had to mention my “good soap” obsession. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® soap is OBVIOUSLY the good soap. I’ve always loved this brand. Cleaners that smell nice but aren’t filled with harsh, stinky chemicals!

FREE Christmas Printables for Preschoolers

The other thing I like to do for our littlest house guests is to have some sort of activity. Usually this is something hands-on and sensory-oriented, but sometimes I want something mess-free and EASY—especially if it’s a large party with lots of kids!

Free Christmas Printables

This Christmas activity placemat could be put at the table setting of each little dinner guest at Christmas dinner or your next Christmas party.

FREE Printable: Christmas Activity Placemat

And who doesn’t love fill-in-the-blank (in the style of MadLibs) stories? My preschooler doesn’t know the parts of speech yet (few do, right?), so I modified my instructions so that it would be more age-appropriate for little ones.

It was perfect for my four-year-old. She loved thinking up “something silly” (hokey jokey pokey) and thinking about “smelling” all of her friends. Free Christmas Printables: Christmas MadLibs

If you try to print the images up above, they won’t fill the page correctly. In order to be sure your printables look like what you see here, please print them as pdfs via the following links:

Print your FREE Christmas Fill-in-the-Blank Stories here.

Print your FREE Printable Christmas Activity Placemat for Kids here. 

Free Christmas Printables for Preschoolers! MadLibs and Activity Placemat

We hope your holidays are filled with fun play dates, giggling kids, quality family time, and occasions that call for bringing out the good soap!

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.


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