A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

Bethany House Publishing was kind enough to send me another book to review! Do you want to know the great thing about this particular book? It was good. Will it be a modern classic? Probably not. But I enjoyed reading this book. A few thoughts: Surprisingly, it reminded me a bit of the Sound of […]

Book Review: Love in Disguise

Bethany House Publishers was nice enough to send me another free book to review. Have I mentioned how much I love this program? It means I get fun snail mail, motivation to read and write, and a free book! I love free books! The book they sent me to review this time was a mystery […]

The Fiddler

What’s the one thing English majors love more than books? FREE books! As a former English major, when I heard that Bethany House Publishing was looking for people to review their books, I rushed to sign up. I recently received my (free) copy of The Fiddler. ¬†Surprisingly, ¬†I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything by […]